STOL Creek Aviation is a full service Quicksilver, Aerolite 103, and Challenger dealer. We can offer kits, builders assistance or ready to fly aircraft. STOL Creek is also an Independent Rotax Repair Center for all 2 stroke and 4 stroke Rotax aircraft engines as well as new engine sales. We are also a full line sales and service dealer for Hirth aircraft engines. Please browse our website for more information on these and additional product lines including Stewarts Systems, MGL avionics, Warp Drive propellers, Tenessee propellers, and Earth X batteries. Stolcreek aviation can help you as a lightsport or experimental service center offering annual condition inspections, maintenance and repairs, build assist or aircraft fabric recovering.

Hirth Aircraft Engines

Hirth aircraft engines are leading the market in two stroke technology, reliability, and performance. With models from 15-110 HP they can power most any ultralight or light sport aircraft. Click here to read about the different models available.



Stewart Systems

A chemically safe water borne covering system. There is a product for every aircraft surface-metal, composite, fabric, plastic. They are aviation's only single source of a complete line of people safe EPA and OSHA compliant coatings and related products. Click here to learn more.



The Quad City Challenger line of aircraft are an amazing design.  Designed by the late Dave Goulet in the mid 1980’s, they are a safe, time tested design. Read more here.



Rotax Aircraft Engines

New Engine Sales. Read about the different models here.



Independent Rotax Repair Center

Authorized Rotax Repair. 2 & 4 stroke heavy maintenance certified. Click here to read more about Rotax repair on the Heavenbound Page.


QuickSilver Aircraft

From weight shift gliders, to powered gliders to the ultralight aircraft, Quicksilver quickly became a leader in the ultralight industry. Click here to see all the models.


Aerolite 103

The Aerolite 103 easily makes weight with a 28 HP engine, and even with features rarely found on true ultralights such as electric start, electric flaps and brakes. Read more here.



MGL Avionics

Advanced electronic flight instrument systems for experimental and sport aircraft. Read more here.



EarthX Batteries

EarthX is proudly used by a many aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, including Vans Aircraft, and endorsed by many engine companies such as Rotax, Continental, and ULS Power. Check these batteries out here.


Tennessee Propellers, Inc

Quality wooden ultralight aircraft propellers for microlights, powered parachutes, gyros, experimental aircraft and more! Click here to learn more.



Warp Drive Propellers

Warp Drive builds solid carbon fiber, ground adjustable propellers for a wide variety of applications ranging from LSA(Light Sport Aircraft), experimental aircraft, gyrocopters, trikes, powered parachutes, airboats and wind machines. Read more here.